SMARTER@HKU is a programme that The University of Hong Kong launched in 2017 to modernise professional services and develop leadership to achieve the University's vision to become Asia's Global University by 2025.

Prof. Anthony Yeh of the Department of Urban Planning and Design of HKUrban LabGIS Research Centre, and Institute of Transport Studies has developed the HKU Smart Address Plate (hkusap) Campus Outdoor and Indoor Navigation System as part of the SMARTER@HKU project to help students to find their classrooms. As a pilot project, the system at present is only available in finding central time tabled classrooms at the Western Centennial Campus with Apple iPhones. Android version will be available soon.


You can download it via App Store (for Apple iPhone users) or via Google Play (for Android phone users) by clicking the following buttons.


After you have downloaded and installed hkusap on your Apple iPhone, there are two ways that you can use it :

 1)   You can use it as a stand alone App to navigate and find central time tabled classrooms in the Western Centennial Campus when you are there.

2)    If you have also installed HKU App in your Apple iPhone, you can open our hkusap App directly from your “Personal Timetable” by following the following steps :

a.   Open HKU App
b.   Click “More” and scroll down to “Student Corner”
c.   Click “Student Corner” and login with HKU Portal account
d.   Click “Personal Timetable”
e.   Click the Date and Room Number in your “My Timetable” and you will be able to open the hkusap App and locate your central time tabled room directly.